Mitrovac na Tari - NP Tara
Children's resort "Mitrovac", is located on the plateau of the same name on Tara Mountain at an altitude of 1082 meters.
It is located 180km from Belgrade and it is characterized by a moderate mountain-continental climate.

The pavilion complex is built in mountain style and consists of seven pavilions, which one of them is central and the remaining six are children's pavilions. Campers are located in the central pavilion, which has 85 beds distributed in double, triple and quadruple rooms equipped with separate bathroom and TV. Within the central pavilion there is a reception, restaurant, canteen, library, sales point, discotheque, meeting room, swimming pool, sauna and hairdresser. In the case of an exceeding number of accommodation units in the central pavilion, one of the six remaining children's pavilions will be  at the disposal for our campers. In children's pavilions there are about 600 accommodation units in rooms from 8 to 12 accommodation units. The first and second pavilions have rooms with bathrooms, while the remaining four pavilions have rooms with storey baths. The children's pavilion contains separate rooms with a bath for children's attendants - coaches. Within the third pavilion there is an outpatient clinic that provides health services with qualified medical staff available during the 24-hour period.

The resort service is based on full board, served by the principle of classical service - three meals + snack.
in agreement with the staff of the restaurant, a special regime and diet plan for the campers intolerant to certain food is possible (it is obligatory to specify precisely which ones when completing the application and applying for the camp).

The complex of the pavilion has security and night guards, animators and rescuers who strictly monitor the organized activities of campers on the pool, as well the tourist guides to visit the nearby sights and attractions provided by the campsite program.