Milica Dabovic Visiting Banjaluka

Milica Dabovic, who has achieved a historic success as captain of the Serbian national basketball team in the past two years, visited Banjaluka. The reason for her visit was to promote “Milica Dabovic Camp”, which will be held August 4-22, 2017, on mountain Tara.

“I am always happy, proud and joyful to see all these children. I am aware of the success that we have achieved and my heart is as big as a house”, said Dabovic with enthusiasm, welcomed by her youngest fans in Youth Center in Banjaluka.

Just to remind, the camp will be held in August 2017, in two shifts, 4-13 and 13-22 of August. The camp is open for both boys and girls, age 6-26. More information about the camp can be found here.

Socializing with children, Milica Dabovic talked about her first steps in the world of basketball, European gold and Olympic bronze medal she has won, but also about the importance of becoming first and foremost a successful person, and then a successful athlete. “In life, as well as in sport, results are achieved with persistence”, stated Milica.

In an interview for Independent Newspaper (Nezavisne novine), Dabovic pointed out her wish to finish her career in “Mladi Krajisnik”, a basketball team from Banjaluka. Although she already stated several times that she would love to play her last season as an active player in Partizan Belgrade, after visiting Banjaluka Milica announced her intention to end her brilliant career right there, in the jersey of “Mladi Krajisnik”.

“I have gathered a group of people beyond basketball, who work day and night to help me make this camp come to life, to survive and last for years to come. It is not my goal to make a camp with a fancy name and then leave the children to work with other coaches, but to live with those children for 10 days, which is why I strongly appeal to parents to consider to whom they are sending their children. I want to make a difference in their lives, contributing them to become better people in the first place and hopefully good athletes someday, because we never know what life brings and what might happen tomorrow”, said Dabovic.

You can see the photos from the visit in the gallery below.