Mitrovac is a mountain complex 25 kilometers away from Bajina Bašta, on road to Zaovine Lake.
Mitrovac is located on 1080 m altitute. It is especially distinguished for favorable climatic conditions with a large number of sunny days. At Mitrovac there is a store of mixed goods, two restaurants and one coffee shop.
From Mitrovac you can make interesting excursions to all parts of Tara, and certainly the biggest attraction is to go to the Banjska rock view, Carpet meadow. A few kilometers from Mitrovac, the artificial lake in Zaovine is also suitable for fishing and swimming. The Banjska rock is located 10 kilometers from Mitrovac. From the landscaped gazebo there is a beautiful view of the Drina canyon and Perućac Lake. Carpet meadows are located one kilometer from Mitrovac and the way to it and the conditions to be observed are well marked by boards by National Park "Tara". The lake in Zaovine is located 10 km from Mitrovac. It is very nice for fishing and swimming, and near the end is the place where Pancic first saw Omorika. An exceptional ambience of untouched nature, a hundred year old pine forest whose slopes touch the Drina canyon with its wild natural beauty, is an exceptional experience for every visitor.

Until 1956, Mitrovac was an almost uninhabited place when a group of naturalists from the Academy of Sciences chose it for a future children's resort due to a stable climate, clean air, a large number of sunny hours and especially the "roses of winds". Namely, at Mitrovac, a constant breeze brings clean air. The settlement was planned in 1979 as a tourist center, there is a children's resort on Mitrovac, six pavilions with 600 beds, built from 1977 to 1979, Sport Camp "Mitrovac", Adventure park adreal park, recreational lifts Tisovo brdo-Mitrovac and Repušnjak-Mitrovac, Center for water sports " Zaovine Lake", stadium, holiday cottages and hunting lodge. Among the other service facilities in the settlement there is a facility for performing cultural and tourist events - Visitors Center of National Park Tara (with souvenir shop, info-counter, natural and ethno-setting), post office, ethno restaurant Kačara, etc.

The tourist zone in Mitrovac is defined by the Spatial Plan of the Special Purpose Area of National Park Tara and the Master Plan for Tourism Development for the Tara Mountain. It covers the area from the Zaovine lake to the south, through Mitrovac, to the tourist zone and the Perućac Lake in the north. It is oriented towards the development of recreational tourism, aimed at the student population.

In the immediate vicinity of Mitrovac there is a Natural Reserve of the first (highest) category of the "Red Stream" and within it "Carpet meadows". Also within the Mitrovac region is Owls Forest Classroom.

In the vicinity of Mitrovac there are lakes: Reservoir - Lake Zaovine (7km), Jezero Perućac (12km)
Lookouts: Devil's Wall (7km), Goat Rock (7km)