Ardu Sport was founded in 2005. Today, after 12 years, is one of the 5 leading companies in the country in the production of sports equipment that employs over 40 workers. Successful business with numerous clubs on the territory of the former Yugoslavia as well as with numerous foreign clubs. Since the third edition of the Basketball Camp "Milica Dabović", Ardu Sport manufactures and supplies our campsite equipment, providing the finest quality equipment that contributes to the development of the top performers of the campsite participants.
Nestlé is the world leader in food and beverage production, with more than 2,000 global and local brands present in 191 countries around the world.
Nestlé's mission is to improve the quality of life and contribute to a healthier future, the desire to help shape a better and healthier life, the desire to inspire people to live a healthy life. In accordance with the above, Nestlé has become a partner of our campsite in order to provide campers with the best quality dairy products that will contribute to the faster recovery of the organism and healthy eating of the camp participants.
Basket is a family-based company based in Golubinci, in the heart of the fertile Srem Plain. Good food has always been an important aspect of our life and business. For more than a decade, the company has been working to preserve and improve the traditional fine baking industry, as evidenced by numerous awards. With a lot of effort, they created a unique line of products of different shapes, textures and flavors, all of integral flour, without additives or preservatives, ash. From the very beginning of the camp, our faithful partners are providing the campers with their best quality products and thus contributing to the health and satisfaction of all camp participants.
The Petrol Group, with a complete range of energy-ecological products and services, takes care of the reliable, economical and ecological supply of consumers in Serbia and in the markets of Southeast Europe. Through the expanded network of petrol stations, drivers offer everything they need for a safe and comfortable journey, and the households provide all the heat they need and deliver it to their home. The camp's long-term partners who provide campers and trainers with the highest quality training equipment.
The BAMBI Group is a synonym for a permanent value
that results in high competitiveness of our brands.
Another proud partner of our camp which brings our
campers highest quality products with which the
generations have grown up.
Rosa is a natural low-fat non-carbonated water with
low content of mineral matter. The waters of these characteristics do not burden the organism, but quickly
and easily absorbed, speeding up the flow of water
through the kidneys. Consequently, it can drink by
healthy, as well as people with health problems and in unlimited quantities. Rosa delivers water for all campers during the training and all day activities of the camp.
Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company sells concentrates, bases and syrups to its partner bottles, owns brands and is responsible for marketing initiatives for consumers. Through partnership with our camp, it supplies campers, trainers and other staff with its finest carbonated soft drinks.
Rehab, sports and physical medicine "Fizio Vračar", for
the third season in a row remains the proud partner of basketball camp "Milica Dabović". Renowned physiotherapists will also share knowledge in the field of sports medicine, take care of camper recovery, injury prevention and all other sports medicine necessary for the successful realization of the camp.
Dairy Šabac is one of the largest dairies in Serbia, but at
the same time we can say that it is the biggest Serbian dairy, because domestic capital participates 100 percent
in its ownership. Through the partnership with our
campsite, campers are provided with their best quality
dairy products as a supplemental to their meals.